i’m only kicking myself because I had mined about 300-400 coins back in the day, and sold them all so that I could focus on paying my monthly student loan payments while I looked for a “real job” as I was living at home.

Now i’m 30, broke, paying over $1000/mo in student loans which i’ll have until i’m 70 (if I live that long).

I gave a friend of mine at the time 10 coins right before I gave up mining (After the ASICS came and the big crash occured).

I see people becoming millionaires, or even ending up with enough to buy a Tesla or Lambo…


I don’t / didn’t want any of that. I wanted to grow the currency and in the process, maybe, pay off the 90k in student loans that are dragging me down.

Nope, Now my whole existence on this earth is to ensure I stay healthy, so I can go to work, so I can make loan payments, so that I can live another day.

I had 9 coins stolen from me from when they were $20 each, I donated dozens when they were less than $1 each to fountains, etc. and gave 10 to my friend. I cashed out to pay minimum payments while I was unemployed for a grand sum of around $300.

So yeah, Seeing bitcoin hit $10k… and then $11k… Makes me die a little more inside. My loans could have been paid off, and I could be working, to actually live my life, and enjoy life… not just working, so I could eat and go to bed, so I could wake up for work again.


Life sucks. I’m tired of the rat race and the one way I had out, I had to give up so that I could make min monthly payments. at this point, it’s just salt in an open wound 🙁