Again, you’re comparing apples and oranges.

40 years ago, an average single income family had one car, a 1600 square foot house, their kids didn’t go to college, and cities like Akron, Flint, & Dayton were where most people lived. Families rarely ate out, only the rich had cablevision, and obviously there was no internet. Weekly activities included Dad’s bowling league, Mom’s book club, church twice a week, the kids played on the public high school sports teams, and the family took 1 vacation a year to go sit on the beach or camp in the woods.

It’s still easy to live that life in those places on a single income, but people don’t want that. They want 2-3 cars, they want 2600 square foot houses, they want to eat out every lunch and dinner, they want to send their kids to 4 year universities, they want to live in bigger cities than Akron or Flint, they want to take 3 or 4 vacations a year to Disneyland and the like, they want everyone to have a higher-end cell phone, cable TV, & Internet, and they want to hire someone to do all their housework, home repairs, and car repairs.

It’s okay to want those things and have those things, but it’s a more expensive lifestyle than what most people had 40 years ago. The expected middle-class lifestyle of today is essentially how the wealthy lived 40 years ago.


If you still want a modest house in Akron, with one family car, eat dinner at home every meal except special occasions, no cable, modest internet, good-enough cell phones, maybe send 1 child to community college, go to church on Sundays & Wednesdays, Dad with his weekly bowling league and Mom with her weekly bible study or whatever, that’s fairly doable on 1 income. But nobody wants that anymore.