I having trouble deciding between the two. Its hard to get info from subreddits because people always seem to defend their coin to the death.

I need an unbiased general opinion based on what I know, and what others might know. These two coins are very similar.

What I learned so far




  • 1 smartcash is needed for 1 vote on proposals As oppose to Dash, you need to own a node to vote.
  • Smart Nodes are Cheaper than Dash nodes
  • InstantPay feature like dash’s instant send
  • seems to have its own nitch by cornering the market in 3rd world countires.
  • Lower marketcap than Dash so it has more potential for growth.
  • Same devs from Dash.


Riddled with problems

– Vulnerability

The coin was hacked a month ago, and someone minted millions of coins.

As a result the devs had to order the shutdown all deposits/withdrawals for every exchange including their wallets.

Everyone’s current pending transactions on all exchanges were halted, and caught in limbo until the devs were able to burn off some of the supply, and the exchanges updated their wallets. This was a month long process where all exchanges had to rollback 2 days worth of transactions , credit users and rebroadcast their transactions which resulted in smart cash being completely delisted from Cryptopia.

Everything seemed to finally get fixed , and pre existing transactions to wallets continued, but not until after the the wallet Snap shot date to receive smart rewards for the next month. Users who lost out because of the halted transactions were up in arms , and in other words were basically told they were shit out of luck when requesting a grace period . This didn’t seem very fair. After all, the smart rewards were what enticed most users to buy in the first place.

– On going exchange issues.

To make up for cryptopia delisting smartcash, it was listed on a new exchange CryptoBridge. However, the first day CryptoBridge had to shut down transactions for an update, and HiTBtc still has their wallets in maintenance mode, Some are claiming foul play on HiTBTC. We will see. Also recently coin exchange had to shutdown smartcash for maintenance. Here we go again

The nightmare doesnt seem to end with exchanges, it seems like everyone is blaming the issue on the exchanges when in reality its a little bit of both.

– Communication

There seems to be a huge lack in communication. The team only issues updates on Discord so new comers often seem lost at first finding answers. They usually have to riddle the subreddit with the same repeated questions only to find they are getting lashed because users find it annoying until finally the Mods can inform them to go on discord for answers . However this is a problem for the less computer literate average Joe in his 40 s. They don’t know what the hell discord is so they usually just give up at that point. Directions for Live support also isnt immediately visable on the website .

-SmartNode Issues

After the much anticipated release of the smartnode , payouts were highly flawed, only a few nodes were getting the majority of the rewards , while others got zero. Again, this was a big issue that took time to correct . it also led to questions of foul play that were blown off as being just a bug. I cant really blame peoplr. I dont have any knowledge on how to build a node, but from a customer standpoint, it seems fishy . theres been so much bad news of hacks all over the place in the crypto world.



  • Instant Send Feature

  • Leading Smartcash in mass adoption

  • Strong security

  • support team is strong, and getting answers to common questions seems very easy.


  • you have to own a node to vote

This is way too expensive , and only leaves power to people with money to vote .

The little guys have to sit back and watch decisions be made for them. That’s just not cool at all.

  • High Market Cap

The gains seem to be limited as oppose to smartcash. I can’t really see this overtaking juggernauts like Lite Coin, NEO, or Stellar anytime soon. 10x gains seem bleak at best as oppose to smartcash low market cap,

Despite Dash having way less problems, I feel that smartcash seems to be more geared towards the little guy. However, Dash seems to be ahead of the game when catering to the little guys who own it small businesses . Pawn shops being one example.

On the other hand Smartcash seems to be winning the game when appealing to 3rd world countries. That can spread also.

So I’m stuck. Where would you dump your money in if you had the choose? What other info am I missing that needs to be noted?


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