Heyo – so a few friends and I are launching an app that let’s people discover new crypto projects and get free tokens for following the projects they like. We love airdrops and think they are a great way to feel involved with a new project while not having to buy in on every ICO that has some potential. At the same time, we want to help really cool projects build early communities with people who care about their project.

Check us out at parachutetoken.com – would love to get your thoughts as well as share our own airdrop of 100m PAR tokens.

To launch, we’re bootstrapping the project (no ICO) and giving away 100,000,000 million PAR tokens – 20m spread across the first 100 sign ups 20m spread across the next 1000 sign ups 20m spread across the next 10000 sign ups 20m spread across the next 100000 sign ups 20m spread across the final 1m sign ups


We’ll be sharing more and building the community over the coming months – happy to share thoughts and answer questions!


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