Jinn is the next computing revolution after the blockchain. It is a processor which is more efficient than any seen before, as it uses a ternary computing method as opposed to binary computing used today.

JINN is a custom made Polymorphic Processing Unit which utilizes asynchronous circuits & trinary logic gates. A component of this is the Curl Hasher, which will be made open source so that any chip manufacturer can add it to their chips.



Qubic = Q ?

The Random Walk Monte Carlo-Method will be enabled once the coordinator is shut down. Then, the IOTA Reference Implementation ( IRI) will be upgraded to the IOTA production Implementation to support the IoT in industrial appliances.

I also found: Jinn is required to solve problems that don’t allow me to complete Qubic. — I’m planning to release Qubic in ~4 years (or earlier if Jinn processors become widespread earlier) — Qubic doesn’t compete with Nxt, we will be able to transfer the whole economy (you should continue building it) from Nxt to Qubic if Monetary System idea is not rejected by the community — One does not simply invest into Qubic, having Jinn-powered devices (an emulator will work too) is the only requirement to be able to produce qubics. No need to give me money, there won’t be an IPO

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