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The cryptocurrency revolution not only sparked a belief that people can be financially in control of their own funds and assets, it also reinvigorated the individual investment market. The decentralized and inclusive nature of cryptocurrency investment allowed millions of people to get in on the action.

The issue however was that even with this open and accessible market, the tools, services and exchanges needed to trade effectively were spread over a number of apps and platforms. Thus, when it came to be a successful trader of cryptocurrencies, as well as other assets in a diversified portfolio, there was always going to be a number of places to stop in on.


Now, Pinnacle is coming into the market with the belief that it can consolidate all the necessary services and tools to be an effective trader, putting them under one roof, or platform. The Pinnacle platform allows access to every single major global trading exchange,s including cryptocurrencies, and does it all in one go.

Primary point of access

Today’s trader is a very different looking one to a few decades ago. The market has changed, and the trading environment even more so. Now, with the power of the internet, it is even easier than before to trade anything from forex, stocks, option, and of course cryptocurrencies, but it is almost more complicated.

The issue is that there are so many options when it comes to trading that individuals get buried under different apps and platforms, trying to cross reference difference trading services on different exchanges across different platforms.

This is why Pinnacle believes it can become the primary point of access for all trading, regardless of what, when or how.

Pinnacle comes as this primary point of trading access which means that everything is consolidated under one roof, and traders need not worry about different platforms and services complicating matters for different markets.

Access and tools

Pinnacle is not only just set out for crypto markets and their echanges, the idea behind the platform is to extend to a range of goods; from commodities, forex, futures and cryptocurrencies, but also to provide the tools in order to make trading seamless and successful.

Pinnacle states it can give access to every major trading exchange from the single Pinnacle platform and ability to execute all trading functions within the platform. On top of this, there is also a fully automated arbitrage trading within and between all exchanges, something Pinnacle claims no other application can do effectively, until now.

Open for all

With this all access platform, Pinnacle is trying to simplify things, and, with the trading market becoming more and more open to everyday traders, they have sought to make it as easy for beginners as for experienced traders.

Along the platform there is the opportunity to Copy/follow professional traders as they place trades across multiple platforms simultaneously as well as benefit from the YamaCat trading course. This course is an instructional step by step program that assists with all trades.

Building future traders

The fact that cryptocurrencies have turned everyday men and women into market-savvy investors is astounding, but the fact that the platforms and applications which facilitate this are lacking is poor.

The idea of a consolidated all access platform makes sense in a new age of trading which calls for simplicity and ease of access.

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