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$EDU listed on huobi.

I’ve been on bitfinex playing with .4-1 eth/btc for about two hours straight. Those trade patterns…

That’s some high level fucking AI right there. I’m tempted to say there’s a win-win strategy between more than one AI that plays with, not only the frequency of the trades, but also with the order book.

Any day traders have recommendations on how to beat around this? I’d go as far as purchasing AI software.

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Iran Already Developing Its Own Cryptocurrency

Glitch in Japansese exchange allowed user to place a $20 trillion Bitcoin order…

price predictions

ripple? verge? tron? dogecoin? dentacoin?kin? paccoin?

what do you think these coins price will be by 2018 end

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Neurotoken is now listed on CMC

Bulletproofs: Faster Rangeproofs and Much More

Coinmarketcap is BULLSHIT and why this is not a bubble

The marketcap of the entire crypto market is a complete and total lie. First let’s begin with why the marketcap of bitcoin itself is completely inaccurate, and just as a reminder, marketcap is a simple calculation of circulating supply multiplied by the spot price. Here’s why that’s total bullshit:

Firstly, you can remove 1 million BTC from the circulating supply right off the top, which is the Satoshi wallet which can never be touched or it will crash the entire market just on the news that it’s active. Then, there is an indeterminate number that is very likely very large of coins that were mined very early on in very large numbers and lost forever in wallets that will never be recovered. There are likely at least a couple of million BTC in dead wallets mined by people in the CPU and early GPU days as a novelty that they forgot about or lost for whatever reason. We can probably safely assume that at least 3 million and perhaps upward of 5 to 6 million BTC are lost and irrecoverable for whatever reason. Now again, marketcap is calculated by circulating supply multiplied by the spotprice.

This presents a problem because BTC has never once in it’s life actually been subjected to an organic level of price discovery, it’s always been heavily manipulated during a time when the majority of the value of BTC was from mined coins that had never once touched fiat. You might recall the recent MIT study that showed that the price run up from $100 to $2000 was orchestrated by a single individual doing wash trades with himself. The point here is that the current spotprice of BTC is not AT ALL reflective of a fair market evaluation of it’s price as a utility, but merely as a speculative instrument and thus the “market cap” is completely and utterly false because any significant movement of BTC volume into fiat will have a disproportionate effect on the “market cap” of the coin, since the order books are far, far, far thinner than anyone actually realizes due to the effects I’ve enumerated above about the circulating supply and actual volume of coins exposed to fiat being exceptionally lower than anyone generally realizes or acknowledges. Now on to the alt market:

All of the alts with the exception of Ethereum and to a lesser extent Litecoin are merely doublings of the fiat value of their respective fiat on ramps. However, even Ethereum was only obtainable by purchasing with BTC or mining it for a significant period during early adoption, giving us another example of a thin market that has never actually seen any significant organic price discovery of the underlying asset’s utility value. So, we can safely estimate roughly 50%-60% of the circulating supply of ETH has never touched fiat, and upwards of 95%+ of alts have never touched fiat whatsoever.

Thus, at the very least, 70%-80% of the alt market DOES NOT represent an actual influx of fiat into the market, but a mere artificial doubling of the fiat price of the fiat onramps used to purchase those coins. Meaning, when you buy BTC to buy an alt, fiat value goes into the market raising the “market cap” of BTC, but when you purchase your alt with BTC, the marketcap of BTC doesn’t go down to represent a transference of fiat value to that alt, it merely pumps the “market cap” of that alt, artificially doubling the “market cap” of the entire crypto market.

So, are we in a bubble? Well, I would say no we’re not, because this market is absurdly thin compared to the perception of it’s value due to the effects described above. The reason this market is so insanely volatile, and the reason there is such a stark crash from such a sharp peak, is that there is in reality likely a mere $60 to $120 billion of actual fiat in the ENTIRE crypto market, and perhaps even less than that depending on the actual circulating supply of BTC, and especially the circulating supply that’s actually feasibly exposable to exchanges, even assuming the owner still has access to the wallet.

It’s quite obvious that the marketcap of the entire crypto space is an absurd illusion, and that even 10 years on we haven’t even seen a minuscule fraction of a percent of the adoption potential of this technology in the public space. Even at the height of the peak when shills on MSNBC and CNBC were pumping BTC with FOMO sermons, we probably never exceeded even 200 billion in actual market capitalization worldwide, at the very best.

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Crypto Recap Feb 21: Market Value Fails to Hold Above $500b

Why do people decide to pump and dump? Why can’t they just be patient?

I never understood the mentality of people who decide to pump and dump coins for fast profit. Why not just hodl for a long term for potential to gain the massive profit you’ve dreamed of after an year or two? why do you need fast immediate profit now? i never understood. are people that impatient? i have some friends in china and korea too who try to use pump and dump tactic with any coin. go in, pull out. go in pull out again. repeat. when they’re down, they freak out (hence why you’ve even hear cases of people who have committed suicide in asia back in the january crash or correction or w.e. u wanna call it) why not have long term mentality and hold? it is not like the market never recovers in a crash. hodling = less risk and same or possibly much higher reward if u just be patient for at least year. so why pump and dump?

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Shorting A Crypto-less Future

What are we doing wrong?


I’m responsible for handling the marketing facets of an ICO which I believe to have immense potential. Unfortunately resources as of late have been scarce, and the project has been relegated to advertising almost exclusively on free platforms. We’ve put a lot of work into refining the presentation, but to no avail. Moentum Token launched today and the reception was underwhelming to say the least.

At this point I’m really just left wondering how it is that so many blatantly bogus projects managed to raise substantial amounts of money, whereas our project with all the credibility in the world (our whitepaper for more on that), and with the capacity to genuinely change the game, has fallen on utterly deaf ears.

Any advice at all would be appreciated. I’m not sure where else to turn.

Thanks in advance.

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Bitcoin Q&A: Secure, tiered storage system

Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis – How to setup your charts – Tutorial – February 21st ep. 19

Just got my first BTC payment ever, quick question

So i just sold something and was paid in BTC for the first time ever (crypto in general) it was over coinbase and we used my email, i got the payment instantly and i can see it in my wallet, when clicking on the transaction it says “bitcoin received” and at the bottom of that “completed”. Does this mean the payment is final? it can’t be disputed and refunded from his side right?

Just want to make sure i’m good, for future sales etc.

EDIT: My question has been answered, thanks for the fast responses!**

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Crypto bank in Germany, working ATM cards, Tether alternative… Bitwala’s plan so ambitious it might work

You guys ever play that game “see how long I can go without checking the price”

Record is 0.03 seconds

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BITCOIN : BITCOIN CASH : BITCOIN GOLD Update CryptoCurrency Technical Analysis Chart

A reminder why you are here :)

Volkswagen CDO announces investment in IOTA and calls IOTA Web 3.0 (see 4 minute mark of video)

Nice opportunity

Importance of understanding the fundamentals of a coin.

Fundamentals are something that people usually forget. If you are a pure daytrader this could be kind of ok, but when you are investing on a middle or long term basis fundamentals are quite relevant. They will make you confident about the project. Every projects will cross some bad moments, usually the best moments to buy. But the only way to be confident enough about buying when a project is crossing a bad period is to trust in the potential of the team and their idea. Also, for the long run, most of the crypto projects will be totally out of the game because of not adding any value.

We are in a tokenizing fever, but the truth is that not every business need blockchain or tokens. So if you are thinking about going in a long term investment you have to be sure that the projects is offering an innovative idea with real scalability chances or at least adding value to an already successful area. Greed can keep some projects up no matter their fundamentals, but usually, it’s a bet that isn’t worth it, because it can explode anytime and catch you in. So to avoid this kind of gambling scenarios, a proper research will help you to be confident, to learn and to understand where are you putting your money.

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Vote for selfkey :)

CoinMetro’s official ICO started!

The Potential of Request Network ($REQ) and a Beginner Introduction

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